Can You Over Edit a Short Story?

When do we know a piece of writing is finished? I think the answer to that is - never. In retrospect, there’s always a way it could have been better, but there has to be a cut off point where we accept it’s as good as we can get it. Striving for perfection can hold us back, invoking fear and loss of confidence. We have to take risks and put ourselves out there, ready or not. Obviously we need to look at the basics; spelling, typos, misused words that sound alike and proper names should be checked. Then the formatting - don’t have the paragraphs all the same length, set it out so that it’s easy and attractive on the eye, make sure the dialogue is easy to read and it’s clear who’s speaking. Th

What makes a good short story?

I'm in the process of editing a book of stories, to be published in the New Year. They vary a lot in length and subject; there's good neighbours, murder, art, a strange voice, sadness, joy, cute children with unusual abilities, older people and much more. During the writing, I read a lots by other people. Some impressed me, some didn't, and quite a few I didn't understand at all. So what are the ingredients of a good short story? What does it need to give the reader? I've come to the conclusion that a good short story, first and foremost, should be a story. Obvious, for sure, but it's a basic that's not always there. It needs a beginning, a middle and an end, just like a novel. Of course, t

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