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Where’er I look, there beauty lies,

Strewn in abundance before my eyes,

As through each vista wandering,

On these delights I’m pondering.


Beauty shines in myriad guise,

Below my feet, atop the skies,

I cast my eyes full circle round,

Jewels of splendour full abound.


I see each flower present its heart,

And expose its soul as petals part,

Displaying treasures, open dispenses,

Releasing scents to drunken the senses.


The greeting of a friendly dog,

Mystical tendrils of floating fog,

The gurgling laughter of a child,

These joys enchant me, full beguiled.


The splashing of a fern-clad brook,

To lie beside and read a book,

The chirping of the sweet-voiced bird,

Whispering trees, soft wind stirred.


The harmony of good friends’ chatter,

The way the seeds of knowledge scatter,

The shelter by the fireside,

The comfort that a chair provides.


The stars at night around the moon,

The bright heat of the sun at noon,

The shadows cast at the setting sun,

The magical dawn with the light’s return.


Music that soothingly inspires,

The harmony of heavenly choirs,

The freedom to spin, leap and dance,

The arts that all of life enhance.


And when the daylight slowly darkens,

My consciousness to dreams it sparkles,

Adventures there and healing sleep,

Magical lands, strange and deep.


The gift of each new day a-morning,

Rise to blood my muscles warming,

Walking in the countryside,

Letting nature be my guide.


So much beauty to appreciate,

Drink it now, it’s not too late,

Grasp the splendour ere it dies,

Open our hearts, minds and eyes.


It is our blessed, sacred duty,

To recognise, protect our beauty,

And in our seeking we realise,

This earth is already a paradise.


From my book ' Messages are Dancing in the Rain'

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