This book is about YOU! You are much more than you have been led to believe. Within you are many dormant powers and qualities, and through the simple, practical application of your Twelve Archetypes on your Wheel of Life, your body, mind, spirit and soul can be revitalised and evolved towards your true self, the shining, unique being in your Centre. It celebrates who you are and takes you on a journey towards more of your individuality and the life you are meant to live. Do you need creative inspiration and new life goals? Do you feel stuck? Would you like to bring forth new energies that will aid in your healing? This work will point the way. This is a Course for Life. It is not a theory, it is based on real, living energies that you can see, test and experience for yourself. It is a comprehensive identification of your consciousness in all its forms and reveals how to recognise, develop and balance them through the fundamentals of life - the Four Elements. Working with your Archetypes teaches you how to reconcile conflicts, both within and without, leading to your further evolution and superconsciousness. The work is all inclusive, everything and everyone is represented. All cultures, peoples, types of societies, paths to growth, political systems, sciences, knowledge, wisdom, faiths and religions have their place in the Circle. It is completely unifying, which is what makes it so dynamic and powerful. If it was applied worldwide, we could create goodwill to all, save our earth and ourselves, end wars and social problems, and bring all together in the quest for true happiness and a loving world. Revolve to Evolve. The book is in two parts. Part One gives you background and how the work was discovered, and Part Two is the Practice. There is plenty of advice on how to get started on filling in all the colours on your Wheel, with many beautiful illustrations, suggestions and rhyming scripts that help you invoke each Archetype within you. Every bit of growth is fun and exciting, as you find new talents and abilities you didn’t know you had. To change our world, we must focus on individual growth. Would you like to enhance your life, increase your light and shine it on the world? Are you ready to lead the way? Open this book. . . .

Could this be you? Could you kill if you believed it was for a good reason? Would you encourage humanity to evolve in a different direction if you had the means?

In this imaginative and varied collection, most with a sting in the tale, normality is stretched, 

mindsets are challenged, and morality is questioned to the point of asking what would we capable of if our consciousness was 
pushed just that little bit further?

From the darkly amusing, to the dramatic and thrilling, this is an inspiring mix of storytelling that is compassionate, insightful, sardonic and spooky in its many colours.

‘Messages are Dancing in the Rain’ is a vibrant collection of poems by Magenta Wise.  With her unique voice, she writes of love, creativity, grief, joy, magic and laughter, deftly portraying powerful elements within nature, spirituality, human emotion, and the art of self expression.  With her perceptive views on life, love, relationships and social observation, she infuses the work with a visceral passion and lucidity.


With a drive towards self-development and metaphysical awareness at its root, this varied body of work has the power to move and inspire you as you traverse the joys and turmoil, the beauty, love and heartache of everyday living. There is a sense of the dynamic energy behind the mundane, a reaching towards self-realisation, evolution and universal love.


These poems plunge fearlessly into the depths of human experience, but through it all they will leave you reaching for the stars.

Magenta Wise, Archetypes, Art and Words

Come Alive on the Wheel of Life!


All words and images       Magenta Wise