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Wonderful book!
This is a wonderful guidebook for living one's best life! Well written, interspersed with quotes from Sages, from modern writers to brilliant minds from long ago. Humorous and thoughtful. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to improve themselves. - E.S

This book really is a 'Course For Life'
This is a remarkable book, the culmination of a lifetime's study, research, and psychological and spiritual practise by the author. It deals with the Twelve Archetypes – the concept will be familiar to anyone who has a nodding acquaintance with Jungian psychology – and the way they affect our lives, thought patterns and character - for good or for ill, as each archetype can exhibit both positive and negative qualities.

The key to obtaining a health psychology is to integrate all twelve into one's personality rather than relying on just a few, as most of us tend to do. Thus we can 'live from our centre' and maintain a balance both psychologically and spiritually, whilst pursuing our own individual evolution and living our best life.

I say 'both psychologically and spiritually' advisedly, because the author assures us that no particular belief system is required in order to benefit from this course. It can be viewed from either perspective, or both. Although Wise prefaces the practical lessons and demonstrations with an outline of her own experiences and beliefs (including many intriguing autobiographical details), she is at pains to point out that the reader is not required to share them.

The autobiographical preface is important, because Wise acknowledges her debt to those fellow visionaries who, along with herself, developed this particular use of the Archetypes in the 1960s. In this context, she has added some updates and caveats regarding racism, sexism and gender politics that are important for today's reader, and clarifies beyond all doubt that all twelve Archetypes are available to both sexes and to all ethnicities, genders identities and sexual orientations.

This is a long and complex work, but it is one that the reader will refer to again and again, as with any spiritual or psychological treatise. As the author says, “You can go as far as you wish. Dip in your toe and enjoy enough insights to make small but fulfilling changes in your life, or go further and astonish yourself at what you can achieve.'

Beautifully illustrated and divided into easily digestible sections, this book really is 'a course for life'. - R.B.

Lovely large format book. I'd read most of the other books on the archetypes by richard gardner and anelog but this is by far the most comprehensive book on the subject. The illustrations are very useful and informative and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and recommend it to all. A. M.

An excellent guide to Life!
This work has helped me understand myself, the people around me and society in general. Live From Your Centre can do this for anyone. It
facilitates renewal, growth and balance for anyone who wishes to apply it and it is an excellent guide for self-help, development and healing. 
I was introduced to the Twelve Archetypes several years ago
and Magenta Wise's book is a very welcome, much needed addition to this remarkable Work. These Archetypes form a circle that can guide you forward at any point in your life. I have found this work to be
very practical, providing the tools to approach any of Life's situations. 
The author's creative, enlightening and often humourous writing ensures an enjoyable resource for Life. Quotes ancient and modern reflect the book's wisdom, providing valuable signposts along the way.

Live From Your Centre is a course for Life, all of your life. Anyone who buys a copy will realise the wealth of information and appreciate the variety of illustrations included which bring the Twelve worlds to life. They will want to keep it with them on their Life's journey, making it all the richerr and more enjoyable! - Happy Buyer.

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