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The Perfume of You


A glimpse in the air, the perfume of you,

As strong and as sweet as the day that you flew,

You fluttering went, yet this left behind,

The aroma you knew that I’d catch, that I’d find.


Here in your clothes is the lingering trace,

That conjures your life, your presence, your face,

Here is a whisper that proves you were here,

That love such as yours can ne’er disappear.


Will you come back, will you be found,

Or shall I lift my wings, soar from the ground,

This pain cannot last, this void must be filled,

Warmth must return to bleakness so chilled.


As long as it drifts, your promise remains,

With hope in my heart and trust in my veins,

I’ll find you again, one day I’ll come through,

And there in my arms find the perfume of you.

From my book ' Messages are Dancing in the Rain'

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