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How Does it feel to Publish a Book?

How does it feel to publish a book? Strangely mixed. I suppose it would be different if I’d gone the traditional route of finding an agent, who finds a publisher, who finds a distributor and then you get to see your book in shops. That must be a thrill. But I self-published, and after all the writing and the technical side of it, by the time I held the book in my hands it was more of a thrill for my loved ones. For me, it was a bit of an anti-climax. Now I have to promote it, but I’d rather continue writing my next book of poems and one of short stories, plus a big non-fiction project I must get on with. There is also that side to it where your creation is out in the world for all to see and rip to shreds if they wish. It’s best not to think of that. We creatives need a manager who can take on the selling side. Any offers?

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