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Listen! 'Messages are Dancing in the Rain'

Available in digital and paperback versions from Amazon

I hope you enjoy reading about poems and the experience of writing them. I muse on this in my BLOG and on the 'POEMS AND MUSINGS' page there are a few of the poems from in my book, "Messages are Dancing in the Rain" , which you can read as a taster. I couldn't write the blurb for it, so thank you Gregory Nelson for the description below.

‘Messages are Dancing in the Rain’ is a vibrant and big-hearted collection of poems by Magenta Wise, appearing for the first time in this edition of over 70 poems. With her unique voice, the author writes of creativity, grief, joy, magic and laughter, deftly portraying powerful elements within nature, spirituality, human emotion, and the art of self-expression. Using a variety of poetry forms, she shares her perceptive views on life, love, relationships and social observation, infusing the work with a visceral passion and lucidity.

From the journey into spiritual awareness of the title poem to the light of hope of ‘Bird of Paradise’ and the joyous creativity of ‘My Life as an Art’, this inspiring book of poetry will appeal to a wide readership. With a drive towards self-development and metaphysical awareness at its root, this book is a moving journey through the joys, turmoil, beauty and heartache of everyday living. The author describes the dynamic energy behind the mundane, the reaching towards self-realisation, evolution and universal love.

These poems plunge fearlessly into the depths of human experience, but through it all they leave the reader enlightened and reaching for the stars.

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